130807-M-MG222-003Most families or individuals are overwhelmed by information when it comes to emergency preparedness. There are just hundreds of websites offering tips of emergency preparation, experts giving out advice and authors writing about survival. There are tons of things to learn and do in a short time.Don’t be overwhelmed. Instead, we should be thankful that there are a lot of information in our fingertips, helping us become aware of the situation we can face and giving us advice on how we can avoid that situation.If you want to learn how to be prepared for emergencies.

1. Emergency Food Storage & Survival Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe in Crisis. This book provides important advice on what you need to purchase and store for your family which can last for days and even until three months. Check out survivalkit.com to know more about Survival recovery.

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Wilderness-Survival-NecklaceYou’ve probably seen those survival bracelets everywhere you go, whether online or even in your favorite camping store. There aren’t many people whom I personally know who haven’t heard of or seen a survival bracelet. But up until recently, there haven’t been many survival necklaces.The functions of a survival necklace are similar to that of a survival bracelet, but with some added benefits. Like the popular bracelets, which are constructed mostly of 550 paracord, the cord can be used for various purposes.

Whether repairing a broken shoelace, lashing down something to a backpack, building a shelter, fashioning a snare, or something simple like making a lanyard, paracord is extremely versatile. Anywhere or at any time where cordage is needed, paracord can be utilized for that purpose.An added benefit of survival necklaces over bracelets is the ability to carry items on the necklace. For years, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts have carried things on a string or ball chain necklace around their necks, such as a fire steel, small knife.

and various other items customized to the individual’s needs. In this manner, both the necklace and the items carried on it are tools for personal survival. A survival necklace, also referred to by some as a 550 paracord necklace, can hold the same amount or more of cordage as most survival bracelets on the market today. This can range anywhere from seven to twelve feet.

grip clip tarp tent kitThere is a constant debate in the survival industry about shelter options that are available. Many people like the option of having a tent with them, whether that be a personal 1-2 man tent that is small lightweight, or a family tent that can fit 3-4 people.The tent gives you shelter that keeps you out of the weather like rain, snow and wind and also keeps the crawling creatures that you may face in the wilderness. With that being said those are pretty much the only options that you have with a tent,you are not able to set it up in a different configuration to meet your needs of the situation.

For these reasons a survival tarp is the best option.The tarp may be setup and configured in pretty much any way that you need to fit your situation. It can be setup to cover the largest area possible if multiple people are involved. It can be setup to completely keep the weather off of you, and keep you and your gear dry.In any survival situation the one thing that will make it unbearable is being wet and cold. With the survival tarp you are able to set it up with the option of making .

while keeping you dry at the same time.One of the most common debates between shelter and the tarp is weight in your pack. The tarp is most consistently going to win that battle in being the most lightweight option available.